Staking NFT Tools

Golden Hills will have NFT staking cards of various rarities
FARM Max Supply=3 300
SALOON Max Supply=1 650
Gun Shop
GUN SHOP Max Supply=1 100
Sheriff Office
Town Hall
TOWN HALL Max Supply=550
Farm = 5 GHCoin + 10% Food Resource drop change, per day Saloon = 12 GHCoin + 8% Bourbon Resource drop change, per day Gun Shop = 20 GHCoin + 5% Gold Resource drop change, per day Sheriff Office = 30 GHCoin + 3% License Resource drop change, per day Town Hall = 40 GHCoin + 10% Resource Box drop change, per day
When you activated staking NFT Tools you will receive GHCoin from the battles won.

When you stake the same NFT Tools card your drop chance increases by 1% with each subsequent card

For Example: You stake "FARM" NFT Tools and you get 10% chance drop on FOOD Resource. When you stake anothre one "FARM" NFT Tools your drop chance increases by 1% and will be 11%
Public Sale https://bit.ly/40mtCe6

Stake NFT

To start playing with your NFTs you must stake them at first. To do this, you need to go to the main building in our city "Town Hall" where you can choose one of the lands in which you can stake your NFT.
If you are not the owner of the land, you will give 10% of the income to the owner of the land in which you have placed your NFT.
For example, if you stake your NFT with earn power 10 coins per/day, your rewards will be 9 coins per/day.
After staking your NFT transfer to Golden Hills smart-contract and will not be visible in your wallet.

All Golden Hills tools will bring players

  • In-game currency GHсoin, which will be required to Extract Resources, get Items for the Character, make deposit in Bank, Trade on Exchange, Create Gang

  • Earn resources. Each NFT Tools has its own chance of dropping a certain resource

  • You will receive GHCoin from the Battles won

Unstake NFT

If you want to unstake your asset from the game, you must go to inventory and click on unstake button under the NFT card you want unstake.