This is one of the main features in Golden Hills. Here you will create equipment for you character

Every player can craft equipment NFTs, using in-game resources like Food, Bourbon, Gold, License.

In order to craft any equipments you need go to the Gun Shop.
Here you can craft basic equipments for your character, such as:
  • Jacket - increases stamina and defence
  • Weapon - increases attack power
  • Pants - increases stamina and defence
  • Shoes - increases stamina and defence
For each new Level will be new equipments with more powerful characteristics
Craft Cost: 1 Food, 1 Bourbon, 1 Gold, 1 License
Craft Cost: 2 Food, 2 Bourbon, 2 Gold, 2 License + items from the previous level
Craft Cost: 3 Food, 3 Bourbon, 3 Gold, 3 License + items from the previous level